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Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). The Good, The bad, and The ugly about it. (9min read)

Brazilian butt lift has grown so popular that it has become a trending culture for girls of all class and boys of certain personality. Initially it was a thing for the Kardashian and the likes of them “The celebrities” including all other sorts of cosmetics body works but today, it’s even wilder and more popular especially when CardiB came into lime light as a female rapper, publicised how she got her black-market butt lift that nearly killed her because she’s got no money then. Fast forward to when she became rich and famous, she perfected it and now no lady who wants to be in the A-list of the BODY who- is- who can barely avoid going for BBL (Brazilian butt lift).

This has triggered the good, the bad and the ugly story around Brazilian butt lift aka BBL. Since the BBL amongst many types of aesthetics cosmetics body works became popular, Number of deaths and body deformations had been recorded which many are so painful including the story of Destiny a beautiful Nigerian girl whom was strong and healthy until she decided to resize her butts to the popular demand A-LIST hour glass body size which took her to the great beyond.

The full reaction video will be found here. This led me to research more into this particular aesthetics body works called BBL. Therefore, in this blog post, we will examine the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of Brazilian Butt Lifts I uncovered.

What is Brazilian butt lift aka BBL.

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a cosmetics surgery procedure that involves transferring fat from other parts of the body to the buttocks to enhance their shape and size. While the procedure has become popular due to its ability to provide natural-looking results, it is not without its risks and drawbacks.

The Good

There are 4 major advantages of the BBL, that I referred to as the good. They include: –

  • Natural- looking result: – One of the main advantages of BBL is that it can provide natural-looking results that enhances the overall appearance of the body. Unlike implants, which can often look unnatural, BBL uses the patient’s own fat to sculpt the buttocks, which can result in a more natural and proportional look.
  • Long-lasting results: – 2ndly, BBL can provide long-lasting results which is another great advantage. While some of the transferred fat may be reabsorbed by the body, the majority of the fat will remain in the buttocks, providing a permanent increase in size and shape.
  • Safest amongst other procedures: – 3rdly, BBL is a relatively safer procedural option when performed by an experienced and qualified plastic surgeon compared to the other procedures. The risk of complications with BBL can be minimized by choosing a qualified surgeon and following all pre- and post-operative instructions.
  • Good feeling and more confident self: – Finally, BBL is relatively the best good thing ever that happened to those with a very bad body figure due to oversize, Nature or even effects of an accident. With BBL they now have opportunity to transfer fats to the desired part of the body to remould it and look much happier, confident and safer in their body.

Finally, note that whenever surgery is involved, there are risks associated with all of its surgical procedures and this leads us to the next one I called the bad.

The Bad

This is basically all about the risks associated with BBL. I will talk about 3 major risks of BBL that made me classify it relatively as a bad option: –

  • Fat embolism: – One of the biggest risks associated with BBL is fat embolism, which occurs when fat enters the bloodstream and travels to other parts of the body, potentially causing serious complications, such as organ failure or even death. While the risks of fat embolism are relatively low, it is a serious concern, and patients should carefully consider this risk before deciding to undergo the procedure. And this is exactly what kills most of the patients including Destiny whom her story brought about this article and the video reaction on my YouTube channel.
  • Recovery process: – Another potential downside of BBL is the recovery process, Patient may experience significant pain, swelling, and bruising in the treated areas, and may need to take several weeks off work or other activities to allow their body to heal properly. In addition, patients must avoid sitting or lying directly on their buttocks for several weeks after the procedure, which can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. I’m sure you know what this means. You need to be a bourgeois before going for it otherwise, you will be in some deep shit if you can’t skip work to rest during the healing process.
  • Not suitable for all candidates: – Finally, while BBL can provide natural-looking results, not all patients may be good candidates for the procedure. Patients with very little body fat may not have enough fat to transfer to the buttocks, while patients with significant skin laxity may require additional procedures to achieve the desired results. So, watch out for this and do your checks well to ensure you are an eligible candidate before taking the cut.

And this leads us to the 3rd part which I called the Ugly of BBL. Here are my 3 points that made me consider BBL as ugly: –

The Ugly

  • Unlicensed practitioner (Fake or quack Doctors): – One of the most concerning aspects of BBL is the increasing number of unlicensed and unqualified practitioners performing the procedure. In some cases, these practitioners may use unsafe techniques or inject harmful substances, which can lead to serious complications or even death. You can see typical example in this video here. Patients considering BBL should always choose a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience performing the procedure.
  • Body-type specifics pressure on women: – There is this mounting pressure on women especially women of colour which I do not know how it came to be that they need to possess a specific body type. I call it the A-list hour glass body type. If this body type is not attainable for women whom fell victim to this pressure by birth, they will resort to plastic surgery for its make-up. This is why I said earlier that while BBL can provide natural-looking results for some patients, it is not a one-size-fit all solution. Therefore, care needs to be taken for one to carefully consider their motivations for undergoing the procedure and ensure that they are doing so for themselves and not due to societal pressures and expectations.
  • It is addictive: – Another ugly part of BBL that most people do not often talk about is its addictive nature. Once under the knife, there is always a tendency that you will go back again and again. The fact that you have figured out that your body is not perfect and you can always go somewhere to modify it will cause you to be seeing something wrong in your body all the time to fix it. Also, you may be requiring continuous maintenance to retain the exact shape you want since the fats can potentially melt back into your body. And just like that it becomes part of you to be going back again and again except you fight the addiction or stop it to begin appreciating your body just as is.

In conclusion, I will say Brazilian Butt Lift can provide natural-looking results and long-lasting benefits, but it is not without its risks and drawbacks as I carefully listed above. Patients considering the procedure should carefully consider the potential risks and benefits and choose a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience performing the procedure before embarking on it. Most of all, ensure that the decision to undergo BBL is for personal reasons, rather than societal pressure or expectations.

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