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What I learned After I was Sacked from my job.

Sometimes You just need a little shake to Get Into your potentials

Some of us give all our lives and energy to working 9 to 5 even though we know we are undervalued and also have skills that we can leverage to become more out of life, but somehow, we manage to feel more comfortable working 9 to 5. Maybe basically, due to the assured wages attached to it at the end of each month which we can plan our living around. Fair enough, not bad.

Imagine while working for someone, and you decide to invest one hour daily in your own hustle

Ok let’s even say one hour twice weekly.

Do you know how much progress you will make at the end the year?

Now multiply that to the number of years you have invested just focusing on your 9 to 5 investing nothing on you.


A little bit of my story as an example to what I am talking about.

I had always enjoyed side hustling coupled with all 9 to 5s I had ever done

But the life changed when I moved here in England. I focused only on my 9 to 5 because I felt I was good with that.

I lost the drive to think, or make plans to improving myself but only focused on working and saving.

Not only because I felt the pay can sustain me but also due to the fact that it is physically tasking too. I also projected that as long as I am doing everything good my job is secured.

Lie, lie lie A big lie I was telling myself there. I was deceiving myself.


First of all, ask me how much of my time I invest in my so-called 9 to 5.

The answer is 10hrs 30mins daily and works 5 to 6 days weekly. This is minus travel time.


One day, for some issue that don’t make sense at all, I got sent home and my contract got terminated after few days with no notice.


Long story short, I fought and got my job back but that was a wakeup call.

I realized that No matter how hard you work for someone; you are a liability.

You are replaceable with a snap of the fingers. Therefore, you need to build you.


That incident, forced me into remembering my potentials and that was when I started my YouTube channel online business.

Instead of investing 5 to 6 days weekly and 10hrs30mins of my time working for someone else,

I now invest only 4 days as an employed and then give myself and my business 3days. Occasionally I still squeeze out an hour daily within those 4days additional to my business as much as I can.

A lot have changed in just one year as a content creator on YouTube. My mindset, My plans, My lifestyle etc. It’s not easy but Its more fulfilling knowing that I’ve got a backup plan.

Do You remember that question I asked in the beginning?

Now imagine I started this alongside those years I was grinding with my body and soul in my 9 to 5 to become the most preferred staff and save a lot.

I will allow you to help me do the maths. It’s Simple, I would have grown bigger than I am now. Anyways, I am still grateful though.


By the way, the savings I wanted. I never met it.

You know why? because it’s like the salary is designed to fit the bill exactly, regardless of my tight budget lifestyle. Also, Price of living kept going high too. Which explained the too much overtime. And too much overtime means more tax and more toll on my body with little or no selfcare or work life balance.

I know this is still someone’s reality Now.

This is why I am writing this blog to motivate you and let you know that you can still make a change.

It is never too late to start whatever you want to start.

It doesn’t even matter if the growth is slow. Start-ups is always slow but surely, if you are dedicated to it.

Even if it fails, start again until you are successful.

I never knew I had the skills I saw myself display and develop within this past one year. Every little growth is worth millions to me because I am assured that I am the only one that can fire or limit me.

Though I haven’t started making income but the fact that I know that how far I can get depends on me, motivates me each day.

This is just a random reality life has given us.

For mentorship and coaching on how to prioritize your time and starting your side hustle

You can Contact us here,

We have mentors specialized in diverse areas you may need guidance to start-up from and we will motivate you till you get there.


I feel super great at the surprising fast growth and hope this article helps you start-up too.

8 thoughts on “What I learned After I was Sacked from my job.”

    1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate you reading and I will write more on it because truly its a much needed topic like you pointed out to motivate people to improve more on there skills.

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