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How to Make Smoothie That Heals and Helps Your Brain and Mental Health (Milk and Nut Allergens Special)

This is a perfect smoothie that will heal your body, help boost your brain activeness and improve your mental health. It will also keep you energized and fuelled for the day. This recipe is most perfect for those who are allergic to nuts and milk.

If you have read my previous blog, you would have read how I started my smoothie journey and why my smoothie recipes are so special.

It is not just carved out of hobby but with a sense of purpose to live healthier lifestyle accompanied with comprehensive data documentation of the benefits of each and every smoothie recipe I have ever put together.

Following the question my Co-host asked me, is there any smoothie recipe that can support Brain and mental health, possibly without nuts?

Oh yes there is, this is where I got to share the smoothie recipe I was taking when I was down with mental health. I guess I have to share with you also my mental health journey but it won’t be in this blog because this is about smoothie making but anyways, there is a special smoothie recipe that supported my body during those periods.  So Today I am sharing with you my now not so secret smoothie recipe that helped heal and boost my Brain and Mental health sensory potency, keeping me ever vibrant and relaxed.

About ingredients Used.

I used Kiwi, Dates, Ginger, Cucumber and lemon. This is because amongst many nutritional components of Kiwi and cucumber, They majorly contains components like Serotonin and B-Vitamin that helps regulate the body system to improve sleep quality and reduce depression and anxiety which most often hikes due to sleeplessness and restlessness.

Date is a good source of fibre. Its natural sugar contents help to improve your energy and boost positive mood.

Ginger contains powerful antioxidants that helps heal inflammation but most importantly contains potassium which helps in lowering blood pressure and heart diseases.

Finally, there’s an addition of small slice of lemon which is a good source of vitamin c but also helps preserve the green colour of the smoothie itself and gives it a tangy taste.


If you make this smoothie, be sure to share a picture on social media and tag me @TherealTellasis @simplytellasis and #tellnotortellasis so I can see your creation.

Full Recipes

The perfect smoothie loaded with fruits, fibre, and vitamins that will heal, boost your brain and mental health to give you that youthful kick to start your day refreshed and relaxed.

Prep time: 4mins


2 Ripe Kiwi fruits (Peeled)

1 1/2 Cucumber (Unpeeled)

3 Dates (Deseeded)

2 inches Ginger chunk (Unpeeled)

1 inch lemon slice (including the zest)

1 cup bottle or filtered water

3 ice cubes if you desire (In case you intend to drink it right away)


Wash, Peel and place all the ingredients into a high-speed blender and blend until smooth, about 60seconds depending on the power of your blender. Now that I have a blender with timer, I prefer to use the smoothie setting timer on my blender, it blends perfectly. If you have that, go ahead and use it, if not the timing above should do.

Category – Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner

Serving – Serves 2

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