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7 behavioural traits of a narcissistic bully: Mental health

If you see someone exhibiting serious traits of narcissistic behaviour or someone that is suffering under their spell, will you know?

Well, in this article I will share with you 7 behavioural traits that will let you know that someone is a narcissistic bully.

This will help you to either help someone who is suffering under their spell in other words their victims or seek help in silence if you possess majority of the behavioural traits I will write in this article.

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In the previous article I tried to make my folks in Africa and those around the world whom may not know what mental health really is, to know what it is exactly and what it is not and then backed it up with some examples. Today like I mentioned earlier, You will get to know what narcissism and narcissistic bully is and 7 behavioural traits of a narcissistic bully you may or may never know.

What is narcissism?

Narcissism is a personality trait characterized by an excessive sense of self-importance a need for admiration and attention a lack of empathy and a tendency to exploit others for personal gains.

Types of narcissism

There are two types of narcissism. The healthy narcissist and the pathological narcissist

The healthy narcissists are the ones that exist on a spectrum. They have reasonable level of self-esteem and self-confidence while the pathological narcissist are the extreme and dysfunctional ones. When they are unchecked that’s when they become comfortable in it. At this stage, they are called narcissistic bullies.

When they are narcissistic bullies, it becomes really challenging because they oftentimes don’t acknowledge their behaviours and they oftentimes refuses to seek help instead they boast in that their capabilities.

They see it as strength and as smartness and they never do apologize for their wrongs.

Seven (7) behavioural traits of a narcissistic bully

Control freaks: – They are all Control Freaks and they have high desire for power and dominance which makes them to be like that. They often have a strong desire to be in control and to dominate others. If they do not see any way to do this, they will start bullying to show superiority to their victims

Lack of empathy: – These people lack empathy. Like in the definition of narcissism, it’s already stated they have difficulty in understanding or caring about the feelings and needs of others. This makes it easier for them to engage in hurtful and abusive behaviours without any form of remorse. It’s really that bad with them that they will do you very dirty like the kind of dirty that they did to Mohbad, wake up the next day and completely not recall what they did for reals. It is erased from their memory because in their head, it doesn’t feel like hurt. While you are in pain dying inside, feeling hurt, they are completely ok with disbelief as to your feelings. They might actually make you to start thinking you are been over dramatic or that you are the one hurting them even though you are emotionally chartered, going through mental challenges. They don’t bloody care about anyone but themselves.

In fact, they might see you the next day after hurting you deeply and act normal and be wondering why are you acting up. This is because there is no empathy.

Need for admiration: – They are always in deep need for admiration and validation. Anyhow to get others to praise and cater to them goes because, they derive a sense of self-worth from these attentions.

For Instance, there was a time Naira Marley, A Nigerian artist came online saying that people should appreciate him for the effort he puts not to be a serial killer. Mind you this guy is allegedly accused of bullying his artist. The case of Mohbad was the most popular one plus others. His actions look so nice to him that he feels like he should be given accolade and be appreciated for the efforts he puts not to be killing people. You can imagine that. This is a typical example of the kind sense of entitlement these people feel. To be admired all the time with no sense of rationality.

Entitlement: – They often have an exaggerated sense of entitlement and believe that they deserve special treatments. When they perceive they are not receiving this special treatment or attention they believe that they are entitled to, they may resort to bully as a way to demand it

Manipulation and exploitation: – They are very skilled; I mean highly skilled manipulators and they use bullying tactics to manipulate and exploit others to achieve their goals. They might bully others into doing their beadings or to gain access to resources or advantages.

Projection: – They can project their own insecurities and negative feelings onto others. The possibilities of engaging in bullying behaviours to deflect their own flaws onto their victims should not be neglected because they do it a lot

Fragile self-esteem: – They always have fragile self-esteem. They are wearing a fragile self-esteem beneath that their outward grandiose nature. In simple terms grandiosity means disguised self-confidence and when this grandiose self-image is threatened or challenged the response may be aggression and bullying to protect that fragile nature. Therefore, be careful and don’t dare them because in their ego, they can do undo. Don’t dare them. Better avoid them.

Note that, if you raise a conversation that affects that their masked self-esteem, they are very good at resurrecting something with no link to the discussion on the table just to bring in confusion and redirect the conversation off of themselves back to their victim because they are authors of confusion. They know exactly what to do and how to switch the stage around against you to shame you.

If you are wondering, how they know about you, they are masters in finding out everything about you which is a weapon that they will be using to work against you, so whatever you do, know whom your friends are and what the stories about, you share with them.

Do you have more behavioural traits about narcissistic bullies, please add it at the comment section.

With these few strong ones I shared here, I hope you will be able to identify who is exhibiting strong traits of narcissism. In the next article, I will share with you how to help victims of narcissistic bullies and what you can do if you possess these 7 narcissistic bully behavioural traits.

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