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The Spare: How to manage siblings rivalry, lessons from the spare.

Continuation from the previous post.

Siblings Rivalry(Siblings Love)

Senior siblings be kind to your junior siblings even if your parents are ignorant enough to choose whom to love more, play your part to not follow that path, observe your siblings, show love and emotions, have empathy, understand that it is not good to be in that shoes. Have conversation with them; help them in their weaknesses because they will sure help you too.

Suppression of feelings is very bad especially when been treated differently in the family because at first, the individual may believe everything is normal and that everything is for the good and protection of the family only to grow older and realize, Shit, I have been played. At this point, they becomes even more vulnerable, spitting out both things meant for private ears to the public because they have lost trust. It is too much in their head. They are feeling choked. They cannot have it either ways anymore.

This I believe is the situation Harry found himself according to his book that led to so many unwarranted things you read that kept you wondering, really, did he seriously include this too?

Emotional battles when it explodes cannot be tamed. The wildness happening in the individuals mind blows out like wildfire. This damages so many men and women. Parents be cautious.

It is completely bonkers, useless this idea of favouritism. Many parents’ across the globe still do this. You need to stop now. It is wrecking the lives of so many children, especially in Africa. Stop it, it is not fair to anyone, we do not choose whom our parents will be. The day you mated with your partner and become pregnant with us, you chose us; therefore love all of us as one unit from your womb or sperm.

To be continued…

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