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Mental health and family,lessons from the spare.

Mental Health in families

Common signs of mental health that starts showing off in kids are most times obvious but may be ignored or termed something else instead of early effort to correct it depending on how knowledgeable the parents were about mental health issues. This can be caused by busy life schedule, lack of intimacy etc. that limits adopting healthy and concrete conversational lifestyle with the children.

Harry’s earlier stage of mental health which he called memory lies tied back to his childhood and lingered until he became an adult according to his book, where it developed to full blown panic attack, anger, and PTSD. Because probably, no one observed earlier enough or knew what to do to ensure he got the support he needed.

From age 9years old, he was already somewhat independent living at the boarding school. At 13years old, his mother passed on, 2 weeks after his mother’s passing according to his book, he was back to school. As at this time, He had already started experiencing some signs pointing out that he requires more observation, care, and attention yet that was unnoticed or maybe noticed but ignored due to other precedence or busy schedules.

He progressed on to his military journey were he experienced other contributing effects to his mental health. But, there is no room for anyone to clearly mirror his mental state because he was away from home most of the time so he had time to process things in a very different way.

This is the true life of most children around the world today. Shipped off to boarding schools away from home to be trained by a stranger whom will never pay attention to them like their parents will do no matter how much their parents paid in tuition rather, it will further distance the children from their parents. This needs to be given more thoughts for reconsideration and balance today.

Now my question to all of us is, how much do you as a parent consider it necessary to take your children on a journey to understand the issues they see happening around their own family, whether it is death of one of the parents, infidelity, break-ups/divorce, rumors’ etc.

These may seem as though it does not concern the children. That it only affect parents, whom are directly dealing with the issue but it is a lie.

Harry’s book is now an evidence of what had been. Depicting how these issues affects the children 100% and starts playing out more vividly as they gets older and the necessity for it to be addressed at all level. Whether monarch or no monarch, celebrity or non-celebrity, famous or non-famous, this happens to many people in many different ways more that you can think or imagine.

Sometimes I believe it is easy for parents to lose sight of reality and not realize that they are applying ignorance, favoritism and other things previously mentioned in the light of this discussion amongst their children but the children always knows. Click here to read the previous articles I posted using the points from this book. When they mention it to you as a parent, listen to them and adjust. The impact of parents actions on their children if no one honestly points them back to watch their actions may cause huge impacts on the family at the end.

Parents’ own personal issues of life especially when not properly managed or them not getting proper help to heal when needed can affect their children’s mind-set. However, I believe that considering having a conversation with your children from time to time despite your busy schedule or state of mind etc. can help reset your brain back to order that way, you can help you to be able to help your children and mitigate issues that touches the heart. Constant conversation and communication is king in our lives.

Parents needs to allow children to be children before adults by grooming them at home until certain age before shipping them off to boarding school where they will automatically become adults under someone else’s care. That way they will stand a better chance to nurture the minds of the children to a certain extent.

To be continued…

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