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Its so nice to have you here. We make reviews including product reviews on YouTube and write blog posts on general topics to inspire, inform and/or educate you on things you probably don’t know or things you know but we may know better. The fun part with the blog is that you can enjoy the write ups of our well experienced guests and professionals to learn more and It can be you too!. Its All FREE.

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Unveiling the Vibrant Charms of Manchester: A Captivating 4-Night Escape (12mins read)
Hi welcome to the travel section of my blog....
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International student 2
International student dependent visa is banned from January 2024 because it contributes to Souring Immigration (12mins read)
How much does the international student dependent...
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Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). The Good, The bad, and The ugly about it. (9min read)
Brazilian butt lift has grown so popular that...
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African vegetable plantain
How to make vegetable unripe plantain. Aka plantain agworoagwo or plantain akwukwo nri.(6mins read)
Plantains is a popular African food that can...
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pexels-photo-2766334 (1)
Power of crafts and skills acquisition, lessons from the spare.(3mins read)
One of the reasons why Harry wrote the Spare...
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suicide-due to abuse
Mental health and family,lessons from the spare.
Mental Health in families Common signs of mental...
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boy-abusive cycle
The Spare: Media, Abusive cycle, child Fame and marriage, lessons from the spare.
More on Lessons learnt from Harry’s memoir the...
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The Spare: How to manage siblings rivalry, lessons from the spare.
Continuation from the previous post. Siblings...
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